Social media marketing is a company website of an advertising company Net4e, specialized on social media platforms. We are professionals with experience from social media campaigns from multiple fields. As a part of our promotion packages, we can create viral applications, that can significantly decrease price per visitor, and as a result, achieve higher return on investments. Our specialists will guide you through whole process, from social strategy selection, graphics & advertisement text suggestion, through payment setup, and finally, deliver you monhtly reports of your advertising investments. We do not run social media campaigns where we think it will not have any positive effect. If you are interested in creating social media marketing plan from our company, we will need some initial information from you. Before contacting us, please prepare answers for questions below :

  1. What kind of product do you want to advertise?
  2. Do you have specific social networks to advertise (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter,
  3. What kind of product / service do you want to promote on social networks?
  4. What is the main difference between your product, compared to others?
  5. Monhtly budget and number of months your social campaign can be without positive return of investment

Thank you for contacting us.


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